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The steps

1) Get to know each other and start to understand the project. We offer a free meeting over a coffee or for a small fee we offer a consultation at your site.

2) If we are a good fit we will provide you with a proposal and contract and move forward through the design and documentation process. During this time we will typically have multiple meetings for review as we focus the drawings in and move into increasing detail towards the final plans.

3) We are available to guide you through the process of permitting, selecting a contractor, and making sure the project is built as designed during construction.

Our goal is to help you add value to your project. For each project there is a sweet spot between how much design and management will balance with the desired budget and quality.


Once we have worked with you to outline the scope of the project we will provide a project fee proposal and contract for your review.

We prefer to work with fixed fees that are based off of a combination of the project scope, our estimated hours, and our consultants fees (if applicable).

For a reference on how to estimate our fees, some more detail on how the process works, and our typical timelines please fill out the form below.

FAD Process and Pricing

Thanks for reaching out!

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